On the Situation of Chechen Republic and Republic of Ingushetia Residents in the Russian Penal System

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The present report is intended to comprehensively examine adherence to the rights of Chechen Republic and Republic of Ingushetia residents in carceral facilities of the Russian Federation, and to draw attention to the most urgent problems in the implementation of their rights.

The goal of the report is to provide information to the public detailing the carceral punishment of Chechen Republic and Republic of Ingushetia (henceforth, CR and RI) residents, during the reporting period of September 2011 to August 2014. It aims to describe measures taken to prevent torture of and discrimination against CR and RI residents in carceral facilities, the legal defense of victims, and problems—which preexist or arose during the reporting period—of compliance with Russian law or international acts.

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