Are most crimes in Russia committed by migrants?

“Such Cases” and the Civic Assistance Committee continue to dismantle the myths about migrants. One of society’s most common fears is that many migrants are criminals. Anthropologist Andrei Yakimov explains whether the majority of crimes in Russia are committed by foreigners.

Degradation of the Institution of Asylum in Russia and the New Lows of Migration Services: 2017 Statistics with Brief Analysis

For World Refugee Day 2018, Civic Assistance Committee has published the data on the institution of asylum in Russia in 2017. The key finding from this research is that the institution of asylum has declined further from its previous position. The report has been prepared by Konstantin Troitsky, a research associate at Civic Assistance Committee.

Afghan Interpreter Granted Asylum in Europe

Taliban were persecuting him in his homeland for working on an American military base, public officers here in Russia refused to acknowledge the danger of returning home for Mohammad.

Painful Decision

Moscow Oblast Court denied the claims for temporary asylum of a Nigerian whose relatives want to force her to undergo female genital mutilation.