The activities of the Committee are not possible without volunteer assistance. Volunteers of the Committee are throughout the system: accompanying applicants to government agencies and translating in courts, holding Russian classes with children and adults, and at public events of “Civil Assistance”.

Margarita Ryazanova - volunteer coordinator

We have 74 volunteers now, and we will be glad if you join our team.

Margarita Ryazanova - volunteer coordinator

Our volunteers are the pride of the Committee. They sacrifice personal time to devote it to those who need help and support. Being a volunteer of “Civil Assistance” is not a minor task and requires courage.

You are a perfect fit, if you know how to empathize and believe that big things start small. We offer you to join our friendly team and make the world a better and more welcoming place together!

To do this, choose one of the volunteer areas that you are interested in, and fill out and send us the form.

Areas of volunteering
Escorting refugees to state institutions (hospitals, schools, migration services)
Search for legal and country-specific information, assistance to lawyers in their activities
Assistance in the creation of texts, photo and video materials on the topic of refugee and migrant issues
Interpretation and translation (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Dari)

Thanks to the participation of our volunteers in 2020, 36 adults learned Russian, 33 children were able to improve their knowledge of their school’s curriculum, and hundreds of refugees were escorted to government agencies, and received help with translation.

Thanks to the help of volunteers, our English version of the site is also able to exist. Many photographs and videos about our work and the life of the people that we work with are also taken by our volunteers.

We are grateful to our volunteers for conducting Russian language lessons, teaching and playing with children, helping with paperwork, and solving everyday issues of adults who turn to our organization for help. Our volunteers are able to also provide moral and psychological support, and work to help the people in distress about the hostile world towards them. After all, often the main thing that is needed is a friendly face nearby.

Регулярная поддержка позволяет нам уверенно планировать работу и помогать людям в трудной жизненной ситуации.