Become a volunteer

Dear volunteers and interns, we are happy to welcome you to the Civic Assistance Committee!

Helping refugees, migrant workers, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) requires the effort of many people. While living in Russia, refugees, migrant workers and IDPs face many challenges, starting with denial to the asylum admission process and extending to the violation of their rights to education. We try to make their stay in their new country easier by protecting their rights and helping them adapt.

It is impossible to advocate for their rights and change the stressed and often hostile attitude toward refugees and migrant workers without the help of supporters and volunteers like you!

The Civic Assistance Committee has for many years graciously accepted the help of volunteers and interns from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds. We invite you to join our friendly team and make the world a better and more hospitable place together!

Please fill out the form to the right completely. This will allow us to understand what it is you want to do and how you can most effectively help us in our work.

First, check one: volunteer or Intern. A volunteer is anyone willing to help our organization. An intern is sent by a company, University, Institute or College. Internships should last at least two months.

Don’t forget to choose one of the areas you are interested in working in:

  1. “Integration and Support” Branch

– Oral and written translation (French and Arabic highly desired);

– Support of refugees in the state administrative institutions (hospitals, schools, migration service);

– Visiting the Russian as a Foreign Language lessons refugee children (the remote districts of Moscow and Moscow region);

– Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language and English for adults;

– Assistance in administrative work in the Center of Adaptation and Education of refugee children ( )

  1. “Legal Aid” Branch (for graduate or law students)

– Administrative and legal work (filing and searching cases, Photocopying and scanning, database work, transcribing audio recordings and preparing transcripts);

– Legal assistant (research on regulatory framework and judicial practices, tracking results of filed lawsuits, communication with the courts and applicants (claimants), assistance in drafting complaints, suits, petitions, photocopies of court cases and obtaining minutes of meetings);

– Legal information research and preparing presentations (search and analysis of cases by the ECHR, preparation of country-specific reviews, preparation of press releases on specific cases, analyzing applicant [claimant] materials).

  1. “PR – Public Relations” Branch

– Assist the PR Manager in collecting material, analyzing data obtained and disseminating information on Civic Assistance Committee activities;

– Translation of brochures, memos and news in Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Arabic;

– Written translations of reports, studies and news in English, French, German languages;

– Programming support for corporate website (WordPress, Java);

– Photography (videotaping and editing footage from the organization’s activities);

– Proofreading (checking reports, news, and interviews).

  1. “Monitoring and administrative work” Branch

– Monitoring trial proceedings (administrative expulsions and appeals against asylum refusals);

– Assistance with document management (archiving and systematization of documents).

We will review your questionnaire and reply within 2-3 working days. Upon successful completion of the internship, and upon request of the volunteer, we would be more than happy to provide a recommendation.