Protection of the rights of North Caucasus natives in Russian prisons

Protection of the rights of North Caucasus natives in Russian prisons

The rights of prisoners in Russia are violated constantly. Inmates in Russian penal institutions often report being subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. The risk of cruel treatment is higher for natives of the North Caucasus —in part, because many FSIN employees served in the Chechen Wars and may harbor prejudice against North Caucasus ethnicities.

In 2011, the Civil Assistance Committee launched the project “Protection of Rights of North Caucasus Natives, Including People with Disabilities, Serving Sentences in Russian Prisons.” The aim of the project is to improve the general situation of North Caucasus inmates in Russian prisons and to stop the use of unlawful punishments by FSIN employees. The project also aims to attract attention of the Russian and international publics to the problem of ethnic persecution of North Caucasus inmates: we collect and publish data on ethnic persecution, write about most egregious violations, and publish regular reports on our work on the project.

How we can help:
— We offer free consultations on legal matters in Moscow and republics of the North Caucasus
— Our attorneys and human rights activists visit inmates in Russian prisons
— We offer legal assistance to inmates with disabilities and special needs
— We report human rights violations to Russian authorities and file petitions to the European Court of Human Rights

Our hotline number: +7 (928) 793 84 28

We protect the rights of North Caucasus inmates throughout Russia.