Assistance for Victims of Hate-Motivated Violence

Assistance for Victims of Hate-Motivated Violence

Crimes are often inspired by hatred. In some cases, the perpetrator’s hatred is based on their prejudice against the victim’s perceived difference—her skin color, the shape of her eyes, her language, ethnicity, or religion. In 2011, the Civil Assistance Committee launched a program to help people who suffered from hate-motivated violence.

How we can help:
— We provide free legal assistance to victims of hate crimes, including providing a attorney to defend their interests in court
— We help to cover the cost of medical expenses, required medications, and psychological services in cases where victim’s health was damaged as a result of the attack
— We provide humanitarian aid in cases where the attack left the victim unable to work
— In exceptional cases, we can cover the cost of transportation for the victim

Most often, victims of hate crimes in Russia are natives of Central Asia, Afghan refugees, and students from African countries. To assist those at risk, we have created information leaflets with instructions on what to do if one is attacked. The leaflets—translated into multiple languages—are available to pick up in our office, universities, houses of worship, etc.

An important part of what we do is monitoring hate crimes statistics and covering hate crimes in the media. The statistics and reports on hate crimes are available at:
Phone number for victims of hate crimes: +7 (903) 577-55-87

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