Access to education

Все дети имеют право учиться

“Our child is not admitted to school”, – refugees and labor migrants with such a complaint have been applying to the Committee for the past few years more and more often. Principals of schools and kindergartens motivate refusals by the lack of citizenship or registration of children.

This is illegal, since the right to study (regardless of the presence or absence of citizenship) is guaranteed to every child by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal law “On Education”.

Such a problem with access to education became acute in 1996-2000, when the restrictions were imposed on the admission of children to schools in Moscow without registration, and then the Civil Assistance specialists successfully appealed the refusals in the courts. For more than ten years there were no problems with admission to schools. And from 2012 we again faced the same difficulties again.

We are working hard to protect refugee and migrant children’s rights to education:

– monitor violations of the right to access to education;

– we assist in obtaining access to education (we consult parents, we make complaints to the state structures, we communicate with the management of educational institutions);

– We are trying to attract attention of society and authorities to the problem of the education of refugee and migrant children(we appeal to the Ministry of Education, the Moscow government, the prosecutor’s office, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, participate in the working group under a child right commissioner in Moscow, etc.).

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