Civic Assistance Committee Programs

The Civic Assistance Committee is a team of caring people who believe that, regardless of the circumstances, all people should retain the right to study, work and live with dignity. Now the Committee is working on six programs aimed at the overall support of refugees and changing the attitude of the state and society towards them.


Committee Programs

Assistance to refugees and stateless people

Justice and fairness for those who work honestly

The key to a fulfilling life for migrant children

The foundation for a full life in a new country

Protection and help to victims of xenophobia

Refugee stories and committee news

We sincerely believe that the most important task of our society is to help and support those who are in a difficult situation. This is the essence of humanity. And if you think and feel the same way – join us!

how can you help

Donate money: for transportation, food, tests and medicine, urgent financial assistance to refugees and migrants.

If you feel like helping, you can do it right now.

Bring things: clean clothes, household items, toys, cereals, tinned food, hygienic items.

It is important to remember that refugees are often deprived of the simplest everyday items; therefore any help is essential even if it seems insignificant.

What items and where to bring