Assistance for Refugees and Stateless Persons

For 33 years by now, Civic Assistance Committee was providing help to refugees and invites all those who care to support people who face problems in finding new home. Our Committee provides free legal, medical, psychological and humanitarian assistance to everyone in need of it. We help them to regain confidence in themselves and in the world.

Иллюстрация Эзры Смит
Заведующая приемной Лейла Рогозина
Head of the counseling office
Laila Rogozina

Come for a free counseling

Our lawyers and social workers provide full-time counseling three days a week: Mondays (10-17), Wednesdays (10-17) and Fridays (10-17). Other days, we work with documents, visit courts and other government agencies. 

Since 1990

Our organization was the first one in Russia to deal with problems of refugees and the stateless. For 33 years we became convinced that our work was incredibly relevant and important.

Помощник заведующей приемной Нина Яхьяева
Assistant administrator
Nina Yakhyayeva
Елена Буртина
Elena Burtina
Фатима Кокаева
Fatima Kokayeva
Консультант по миграционным вопросам_Евгения Лёзова
Evgeniya Lyosova
Ирина Щербакова фото
Irina Scherbakova
Evgeniy Yastrebov

How and why our program was established

Back in the 90s, Russia joined the Convention relating to the status of refugees and adopted the internal law “On Refugees”. Unfortunately, in today’s realities, the above documents practically do not work. They by no means help nowadays refugees who are forced to flee war and persecution.

Judge for yourself, but since the beginning of the war in Syria, only one Syrian received refugee status in Russia. Just one person! And in total, fewer than 300 people are holders of this status. It does not mean that there are only several hundred refugees in Russia. It means that thousands of people are not able to receive asylum, that is to be employed efficiently, to receive medical and social assistance, to study.

There is another shocking and humiliating fact that a refugee is entitled to one-time payment of 100 rubles. This money is just enough to travel to the place of receipt and back.

These figures are more eloquent and worse than any words. After all, human destinies are hidden behind them; lives of people who are not able to start a new life.

Assistance for Refugees and Stateless Persons
Через что проходят беженцы в попытке получить убежище: узнайте, пройдя квест

How the program works

After refugees and the stateless people approach our counseling office, they receive the following assistance free of charge:

– Counseling on migration issues, assistance in applying for asylum or citizenship – often people do not  know where to go and what to do;

– Legal assistance, appeals and accompanying to migration services, courts, appeal against refusal of asylum, protection from expulsion to a country where a person’s life is in danger, protection of victims of racist attacks;

– Protection of children’s right to education: assistance to children in placement in schools and kindergartens;

– Medical and psychological assistance, including accompanying to medical institutions;

– Assistance in learning Russian for better integration, empowerment and improving the quality of life;

– Aid with things and food products which are brought to our Committee by those who are not indifferent to the fate of refugees (thank you very much!);

– In specific situations – one-time financial assistance;

Expenditure for assistance of refugee family per month

Accommodation – 25 000 rubles
Food – 24 260 rubles
Travel – 1 600 rubles

Funds for casework we collect through one-time and regular donations.

Even 100 roubles is very important!

What was achieved in 2022

In 2021, we provided legal, psychological, medical and humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants from different countries. With the support of our lawyers, 66 applicants received temporary asylum in Russia, 4 people received a residence permit, and another 6 received Russian citizenship.

In August, a law developed with our participation came into force. Due to this law, 48 stateless persons received legal status, 33 of them became citizens of Russia. For the first time, 2 people received identity cards specifically designed for stateless persons. In just one year, we have consulted almost 1,400 Afghan refugees, many of whom became local refugees in Russia as a result of the dramatic events in Afghanistan. All year long our volunteers worked with refugee children in Russian language and school subjects. Total with our participatio

All year long our volunteers taught Russian Language and other school subjects to refugee children. In total, due to the Civic Assistance Committee, 40 children went to Russian schools.

how can you help

Donate money: for travel,
food, tests and medicine, one-time material assistance to migrants.

If you feel
like helping, you can do it right now.

Donate  things: clean
clothes, household items, toys, cereals, tinned food, hygienic items.

It is important to remember that refugees are often deprived of the simplest everyday items; therefore any help is essential even if it seems insignificant.

What items and where to bring