Integration courses for refugees – speak Russian to fully live, work and study in Russia

The Civic Assistance Committee helps refugees and immigrants to learn the Russian language. Our courses are free of charge and they are a great tool for those that wish to integrate but cannot, necessarily, afford to attend paid lessons. With our help, learning Russian is possible for both children and adults.

Integration courses for refugees - speak Russian to fully live, work and study in Russia
Aminat Soltahanova


The organisation of Free Courses for Adult Refugees and Immigrants.


The programme has launched with the support from The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee Integration Courses for children of Syrian refugees in Noginsk and Losino-Petrovsky, which has become the sole alternative to comprehensive school education for most children.


Why would you need this programme and why is it so important?

More than 100 children and adults

already study Russian with the aid of our teachers and volunteers. This number represents a huge victory, not only for our committee, but for every individual who found the determination, the strength, the tenacity and the desire to, not just live in Russia, but to integrate fully into the society and to learn this complex language.

Without mastering the language, it is not only difficult to get a job or study at school, but also to simply communicate with people, make friends and acquaintances, feel confident and safe.

Without a command of the language people may arouse frustration in the general public and as the result there are no attemptsat understanding and empathising, and often a refusal to help at all. This problem is particularly severe for children, who often cannot cope with such moral pressure.

The purpose of our courses is not just to learn the language. We discuss Russia, its culture and history, and educate adults about their rights and raise important issues such as discrimination and migration.

Opportunities and goals of the programme

Originally our courses were created as a way for children to study the Russian language prior to their academic studies. For adults, it was a tool of integration and preparation for the examinations and interviews necessary to obtain a legal residence status in the country. However, some of the children were not accepted to register at schools (a violation we are combating as a part of our Access to Education programme). For a lot of adults, our courses became the only place where they were welcomed with respect and open arms, a placewhere they could make new friends.

The following aspects are made the primary subjects of study, under the programme:

– Studying the Russian language with qualified teachers under the method of RKI (Russian as a foreign language)

– Multinational studying environment – for effective adaptation, social networking and communication skills development;

– Educating students on the rights of immigrants, as well as providing access to vital legal and domestic information;

– Helping children to study the full and comprehensive school curriculum as well as the Russian language.

Program costs
per month:
Coordinator          35 000 rub.
Teacher              27 000 rub.
Transportation       35 000 rub.
per year:
Books                100 000 rub.
Snacks for children  50 000 rub.
Our achievements in 2019:

In 2019 our integration courses were attended by 40 people from 18 countries. Students were given all the necessary materials and their travel costs were covered so that they could attend the lessons. Additionally, we organised and celebrated holidays with our students including New Year, Easter and Birthdays.

No less important was the assistance provided to Syrian children by the Hotel project. 36 young people studied Russian, Mathematics and English with our teachers as well as visiting culturally developmental events in Moscow. They visited the Red Square and the Zaradier Park, watched New Year’s Eve performances and visited the theatre together on several occasions.

Further, in 2019, 40 of our students were visited by volunteers as a part of our home-schooling programme. They were taught introductory courses to Russian language and the rest of appropriate school curriculums.

how can you help

Anyone can be part of a good cause. It does not take much time or effort. You can already do it now:

Provide financial support.

To cover teachers’ fees, purchase textbooks and organise cultural and educational activities for children and adults. Sometimes it is enough just to open up the door to a person and he or she will go further on with confidence;

Share information about our project.

Everyone who cares is important – everyone’s help and participation are essential. Join us – together we can already make individual lives better!