Helping migrant workers is fairness and honesty for those who work honestly.

Трудовые мигранты

“Civil Assistance” provides comprehensive assistance to one of the most vulnerable and unprotected social groups – labor migrants. We believe that any work of any person should be appreciated – regardless of nationality, skin color or life circumstances. And we seek justice by all legal means for those who turn to us with complaints about dishonest employers. We help to appeal against unreasonably issued decisions on expulsion and entry bans, as well as advise on access to education, tell how to apply for temporary and permanent residence permits, citizenship, etc.

Трудовые мигранты
Консультант по миграционным вопросам Анна Ромащенко
Anna Romaschenko
Адвокат Гульнара Бободжанова
Project lawyer
Gulnara Bobodzhanova

Since 2007

We provide assistance to labor migrants, whom hard or sometimes life-threatening situations forced them to look for work in another country.

250 People

This many labor migrants turn to us during the year, and receive all the necessary consultations, legal and social help they may need. 

How did the program appear, and why is it important?

Migrant workers today are a significant part of the population of both large metropolitans and smaller cities in many countries of the world. Each of us has seen a man who cleans park areas, carries heavy boxes of food, or works at a construction site during any weather. But we rarely think about why these people are forced to work this way, and what it is like for them to work in a foreign country, sometimes in very difficult conditions.

How much do they get paid for work? Are they always really paid? Do migrants receive money on time and in full? The answers to these questions are far from always affirmative. Debts on payments to labor migrants amount to tens of millions of rubles per year, even though wages, as a rule, are not at all high.

In almost 100% of cases, labor migrants cannot independently defend their rights. They do not know who to turn to, or what to do. The goal of our program is to provide them with the information they need and help them achieve justice!

Helping migrant workers is fairness and honesty for those who work honestly.
Опровергаем стереотипы об иностранцах, живущих в России

What is being done as part our program

We provide assistance to migrants faced with labor lawlessness and injustice by:

  • Counseling – we tell people in detail about their labor rights, as well as about methods of legal employment.
  • Assistance in compiling complaints to the court, appeals to supervisory and law enforcement agencies.
  • Protection of the interests of migrants in conflicts with dishonest employers who do not pay wages, do not pay overtime, or illegally seize documents.
  • Appeal against expulsions and assistance in lifting entry bans. We have witnessed situations where families were destroyed, and relatives were separated, and we are doing our best to prevent this from happening again.
  • Assistance in the form of cash and products for those who urgently need material support.

Program costs

State duty payment – 5,350 rubles.
Humanitarian aid – 10,000-20,000 rubles.
Ticket home – 10,000-30,000 rubles.

We collect money for direct assistance to people through one-time, and regular donations.

Even 100 rubles is very important!

Our Success

Despite the fact that the problem with labor migrants is very severe, our team manages to achieve a lot of the unpaid wages to migrants, totaling about a million rubles a year. And these are not just numbers – this is the restoration of justice and the return of faith in it to people with a difficult and sometimes tragic fate.

Hundreds of people with our support get the opportunity to become legal in Russia, work without worrying about payments, pay taxes, and teach their children.

Dozens of migrants a year receive humanitarian assistance from us in emergency situations – money for accommodation and food, and in some cases we also help people return home.

All possible assistance is provided to the applicants so that they can feel themselves to be full members of society.

how can you help

Donate money: for travel,
food, tests and medicine, one-time material assistance to migrants.
If you feel
like helping, you can do it right now.

Donate things: clean
clothes, household items, toys, cereals, tinned food, hygienic items.

It is important to remember that refugees are often deprived of the simplest everyday items; therefore any help is essential even if it seems insignificant.

What items and where to bring