Russia: Refugees Must Wait For Restoration of the Syrian Statehood

Accusing the Western countries in illegal invasion to Middle East and inhumane treatment of refugees, Russia does not try to help migrants on its own territory.

The Russian position is definite: “Refugees are definitely in need of compassion and support”, Vladimir Putin said at the UN, “But fundamental solving this problem is possible only by restoring the destroyed state.” Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said at a meeting of the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union that the humanitarian crisis in Syria is the result of “short-sighted policies of some countries, illicit interference in the affairs of sovereign states.” As for the refugees, Matvienko chided Western countries in choosing the strategy of “all sorts of restrictions and obstacles” and urged to take into account Russia’s experience with migrants. The Russian experience is not too inspiring.

Syrian Migrant Family in Limbo at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport

For almost seven weeks a Syrian family has been camping-out in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. The Ahmads brought their four children to Russia seeking safety. But they were accused of using fake passports and refused asylum. Now the family are stuck in the transit zone. Below is the report of BBC News, Moscow.

It’s not hard to spot them through the glass walls of the old smoking room next to departure gate 36. They sit surrounded by the few bags of belongings they brought with them.

“This is for transit for one hour, for two hours, ” the eldest son, Rinas tells me in English. “But ours is for 40 days.