Feudal Moscow

The Department of Education won’t accept tens of thousands of children who do not have permanent registration in Moscow to kindergartens based on long-outdated rules with no legal status.

None of Their Business?

Within some days, the Babushkinsky District Court will pronounce a sentence to the group of Muslims who were invited to a shared praying in a wiretapped apartment and were then accused of participation in Tablighi Jamaat, the organisation prohibited in the Russian Federation.

Who is Denied Access to Kindergartens and Why?

A few months ago, Civic Assistance Committee began receiving applicants having problems with access to Moscow kindergartens. In a short time, ten families appealed to us regarding sixteen children despite the fact that few people…

World Cup Without War

Syrian civil society organisations are calling for ceasefire: “For Russia, the World Cup is a dream tournament, but in Syria, there is no reason to dream.”