Moscow Refugee Center Helps Children Learn

Amal Allamama, a refugee from Syria, and her daughter Selma Kutaefan are studying Russian in a small flat that work as both a school and community space for refugees in Moscow. In the kitchen, a Congolese family are playing. The table is covered with paper, pencils, puzzles and biscuits. Sayna Mirzadakha, an economics student from Afghanistan, rushes through the door for her English class.

Svetlana Gannushkina: Playing with the Law

Svetlana Gannushkina, member of the board of the International Memorial Society, director of the Migration and Law network, chair of Civic Assistance committee, member of the governmental Commission on Migration Policy: “Parliament is not a place for discussion. The Duma is not a place for thinking. And laws are not written to be implemented.”

One Less Guiltless Prisoner

On the eve of the Victory Day on May 9 and according to the European calendar on VE Day, Civic Assistance Committee received good news about our client Bekzod Ilkhomovich Dushamov who was released on parole from serving the time in the Penal Colony – 38, Perm’ kray.

Internal Investigations Division (IID) found offences on the part of policemen in “Golyanovo case”.

Head department of IID, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russia proved offences on the part of policemen towards former employees of Prodykty store who were living in slavery. In particular, the institution’s official letter received by Civic Assistance Committee read: “In the course of checking information on non-admission of response action on the case were partially acknowledged”.

Prosecutors’ Inspection at Civic Assistance Committee

On March 27, 2013 about noon three representatives of Moscow prosecutor’s office came to Civic Assistance Committee with inspection and brought with them a representative from both tax inspection and Ministry of Justice. Two hours later Moscow UFMS official has joined them.

Prosecutors’ Inspection: Absurdity goes on


On Wednesday, April 3, following up raids on NGOs, which on March 27 affected our organization as well, I received a telephone call from one of the inspectors from Moscow Public Prosecutor’s office and we rather peacefully agreed to contact each other on Monday to arrange a meeting. He suggested that we could come to any time convenient for all of us to pick up documents and discuss all the matters which the inspecting organizations would be interested to know.

Court sessions on Golyanovo case were postponed for the third time

On February 7 and 13, 2013 at Preobrazhensky district court, Moscow next court sessions were held on the complaints of lawyers of the girls who had been released from “Produkty” store on Novosibirskaya street at the end of October. Finally, investigator Damir Samerkhanov was present at the sessions, against his inactivity the lawyers appealed. Yet this time again materials of inspection were not submitted and the court refused to consider the case without them in spite of lawyers’ protest. A new date was assigned for hearing for the second half of February.