One Less Guiltless Prisoner

On the eve of the Victory Day on May 9 and according to the European calendar on VE Day, Civic Assistance Committee received good news about our client Bekzod Ilkhomovich Dushamov who was released on parole from serving the time in the Penal Colony – 38, Perm’ kray.

Bekzod was released 3 years, 1 month and 4 days earlier, after having served more than half of his term – 6 years and 6 months.
“To be commended for his honest work and regular attendance of cultural events, compliance with requirements on dress code, regime and inner regulations, he keeps his bed and bed-side table in good order, doesn’t enjoy authority over inmates, doesn’t create conflicts, demonstrates positive attitude towards educational talks, proper conduct towards colony administration, expands his education” – reads Dushamov’s certificate of good conduct which he received from the chief of colony, on whose initiative the discharge took place.

We would like to remind you that on November 21, 2009 Bekzod’s friend Assat Aetov was attacked by a group of young nationalists. Assat was violently beaten up and lost his consciousness, after that he and Bekzod were detained by militia tour of duty. As a result of break-out imitation organized by militiamen too young guiltless men received several gunfire wounds.

Investigation didn’t try to find out how Assat got severe injuries besides gunfire wounds. In particular, Assat’s jaw was smashed and he had to wear plaster for a long time which made it difficult for him to eat and talk. Nobody withdrew Bekzod Dushmov’s trousers with a bullet hole on them; he was serving his term in SIZO with this important evidence of militia arbitrary actions.

Photo: Public Prosecutor L.V.Galkina and Assat Aetov’s lawyer Magamed Khadissov

Photo: Public Prosecutor L.V.Galkina and Assat Aetov’s lawyer Magamed Khadissov

Aetov and Dushamov were charged with assault and extortion of 500 Rubles from one of the assailants. There was another similar criminal episode added to this one. Public prosecutor L.V. Galkina backed the charge and on October 29, 2009 the both accused were condemned to 6, 5 years of imprisonment each. Judge M.N.Matveyevskaya was openly asleep a half of the process.

Lawyer Guytayev managed to open a criminal case to investigate gunfire wounds, however the case was closed.

Lawyer Guytayev filed a complaint to the European Court on Human Rights under Article 6 – on the right to a fair trial.
At the moment Assat Aetov continues to serve the sentence.