Another Kidnapping From Detention Center

The foreign citizen protected by ECHR from extradition to Tajikistan is taken away to an unknown destination two weeks before release.

Another Kidnapping From Detention Center

Hurshed Odinaev was kidnapped from FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN (Federal Penalty Service) in Belgorod region on October 29, two weeks before his release date. The Tajik national, with a bag over his head, hands tied and adhesive tape over his mouth, was put into a car boot and driven around somewhere for two days. After that he was beaten up and thrown out onto a country road. Hurshed managed to tell his wife about it through the phone of a stranger he met at which point the connection suddenly got cut off.

Odinaev was arrested and put into the detention center under extradition request from Tajikistan a year ago. Back in his home country he is accused of supposedly engaging fellow citizens in military operations on the territory of other countries while staying in Russia (Article 401.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan)

“It’s a standard procedure when framing Tajik citizens. It’s my second similar case in the last two months” – says Rosa Magomedova, lawyer for the “Migration and Law” Network of the Memorial Center who is cooperating with Civic Assistance.

In October this year European Court of Human Rights reviewed Odinaev’s application in which his lawyer requested to forbid extraditing his defendant to Tajikistan where he would probably fall victim of persecution. ECHR agreed that if Hurshed went back to his home country he would face torture threats, and enforced Rule 39 upon him until November 6, meaning the court put a veto on extradition or deportation during this period (Article 3 of ECHR).

On November 15 the Basmanny Court of Moscow is supposed to review Odinaev’s legal claim for the refusal to grant him a refugee status.

By Daria Manina, Civic Assistance Committee

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