New Year’s Eviction: Ukrainian Refugees Forced Out On The Streets

Ukrainians in the village of Chismena were ordered to leave a center of temprorary accommodation before December 31. This order had been sent from the administrative unit of Federal Migration Service. More than one hundred people don’t know where to go. There are many single mothers with children, who aren’t able to rent an accomodation.

New Year’s Eviction: Ukrainian Refugees Forced Out On The Streets

Ukrainian refugees are being evicted again; now from a pension “Lastochka” in the village of Chismena in Volokolamsk district of Moscow region. For more than a year this pension served as an accommodation center for refugees from Ukraine. But in December the residents have received a notice from Volokolamsk FMS that they should leave the center before December 31.

“Approximately one hundred people live in the pension now, ” said a refugee Irina Kuznetsova, who has appealed for assistance of our Committee. She lives in the temproray accommodation center since October, 2014. “Previously, there were much more residents here, about seventy children alone. But those, who had a possibility, have already left. We have received an eviction notice at the beginning of December. We got a confirmation from the Federal Migration Service of Moscow region, that starting from the new year the funding of the temprorary accommodation center will end. This has been also confirmed by private owners of the pension”.

Irina Kuznetsova has three children, a girl of twelve years old and twin boys of seven. They are attending a village school now. During the summer Irina was working at harvesting to maintain her family. But the winter has come and there is no job for her now. And she doesn’t have documents; pension’s owners have forbidden refugees to apply for asylum in Russia, threating with eviction.

“If these refugees had an asylum, they could ask now  for the placement in temprorary accommodation centers for refugees. But they don’t have such possibility. Even if they initiate the procedure, they won’t get a temprorary asylum soon. There are available dates for people, registering now for interview, only in March, not earlier. And, sure, it’s only in the case if the get asylum”, commented Elena Burtina, a board member of the Civic Assistance Committee. “Unfortunately, these people aren’t protected by law; they can really be evicted. But we don’t understand, why people are kicked out from accommodation centers, without being offered any alternative?”

It is not clear what Ukrainians have to do: holidays are approaching, so the officials will not be available until mid-January. Civic Assistance Committee employees have already appealed for assistance of Ella Pamfilova, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russian Federation.

“This is not an isolated case. It’s for the third time paople apply  for our assistance in such a problem. Up until now we have been successfull. Thus, with assistance of Valentina Kazakova, Head of the Department on citizenship issues of the FMS of Russian Federation, migration service rehoused in Tver  Ukrainian refugees from temprorary accommodation center in Tver region. Ukrainians from the center of temprorary accommodation in Dagestan are not evicted yet, thought they have also received an eviction notice”, said Svetlana Gannuskina, Chairman of Civic Assistance Committee.  “It is likely to happen throughout Russia, though in the public sphere  there is no any official documents on dissolution of temprorary accommodation centers. Sure, this could not be; the state, which assumed responsibility for these people, must take measures to provide housing to Ukrainian refugees.”

By Elena Srapyan, Civic Assistance Committee

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