“We are not agents!”. Eleven NGOs sent a complaint against Foreign Agents’ Law to the European Human Rights Court.

Yesterday on February 6, 2013 года, eleven NGOs sent to the European Human Rights Court (EHRC) a complaint against Federal Law № 121-FZ from June 20, 2012 “About bringing changes in certain legislative acts, RF in the part of regulating activities of NGOs performing duties of a foreign agent” (hereinafter referred to as Foreign Agents’ Law). Among the applicants are human rights organizations, educational ones and an ecological one.

“We are not agents!”. Eleven NGOs sent a complaint against Foreign Agents’ Law to the European Human Rights Court.

The complaint was filed on behalf of:

  • Fund to foster civil society “Golos”(headquarters’ location – Moscow),
  • Association for the protection of electoral rights “Civil Control”, Saint-Petersburg
  • Regional Public Charitable Organization for Helping Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons “Civic Assistance” (Moscow),
  • All-Russian Public Movement “For Human Rights”,
  • Interregional Non-Governmental Organization “The Committee Against Torture”(headquarters’ location – Nizhniy Novgorod),
  • Autonomous Non-Governmental Human Rights Organization “Mashr” (Ingushetia),
  • International Historical-Educational, Charitable and Humanitarian Society “Memorial”(International Memorial),
  • Interregional public organization “Memorial Human Rights Center” (headquarters’ location – Moscow),
  • Regional Public Organization “Moscow Group to Promote Fulfillment of the Helsinki Accords – Moscow Helsinki Group”,
  • Regional Public Organization “Ekodefense” (Kaliningrad),
  • The Public Verdict Foundation – Assistance to citizens’ rights and freedoms (Moscow)

The complaint was written by Furkat Tishayev, lawyer of Memorial Human Rights Center. The applicants’ interests in EHRC are represented by lawyers of Memorial Human Rights Center and European Human Rights Center.

Today, on February 7, 2013,  Thursday at Independent press-centre (Moscow, Prechistenka str., 17/9) representatives of organizations-applicants will share why, from their point of view:
Law “About foreign agents” violates their rights guaranteed by Article 11 (freedom of assembly and association), Article 10 (freedom of expression), Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) and Article 18 (permitted restrictions concerning human rights) of European Conventions of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;
In what status organizations-applicants send their complaint to EHRC;
What problems of the system Law “About foreign agents” affects.

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