Moscow Regional Court Advised MIA to Look into Situation in Syria Before Refusing Syrians Asylum

This decision arrived as a response to the refusal of the Migration authorities in Moscow Region to prolong temporary asylum of a Syrian citizen on the basis of reportedly non-existent barriers to her going back home.

Moscow Regional Court Advised MIA to Look into Situation in Syria Before Refusing Syrians Asylum

Moscow regional court sent the application for temporary asylum prolongation of a Syrian citizen Alknnu Alia Akhmidu for a second trial. It also advised the Administration for Migration Issues of Moscow region to request information on Syria from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Earlier Alia Alknu applied twice to the Administration for Migration Issues of Moscow region for temporary asylum with the help of Mayvand Abdulgani, lawyer with the Civic Assistance Committee. She was denied prolongation in both cases. After appealing the decision in Lyuberetsky city court she was once again turned down.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs decided that “there are no circumstances interfering with voluntary departure from the country or refoulement”. The ruling of the Lubertsky city court also pointed out that “based on information from UNHCR on the situation in Syria, Alknu Alia Akhmidu’s concerns about going back to Syria are groundless”.

It is not clear as to which UNHCR data the court referred to: in November 2017 UNHCR published “International Protection Considerations with regard to people fleeing the Syrian Arab Republic”. This report says that “UNHCR is urging countries not to apply forced departure to Syrian citizens and other persons who previously resided in Syria…UNHCR also believes that return…to neighbouring and other countries of this region would generally be unreasonable unless special mechanisms were arranged to guarantee that the person in question would be able to resettle in said country and be protected by international law”.

In her statement Alia Alknnu explained that she left her home country due to fierce military operations on its territory. In 2013 she was granted her first asylum in Russia (issued for a period of up to 1 year). She then prolonged it several times. She is living in Russia with her husband engaged in confectionery and two children who are attending a kindergarten here. The whole family is fluent in Russian. They are expecting a third child.

Moscow regional court advised to rule with consideration of all circumstances of the case of the pregnant woman who fled to Russia from Aleppo, a city in Syria, together with her family.

On June 28 RIA Novosti received information from a state city hospital, “Al-Razi” in Syria: “Terrorists fired mortars at al-Neel street in Syrian Aleppo, three women were injured…The farther of the injured girl told RIA Novosti that the mortar shell exploded near the building when the family was about to have dinner. The shell fragments wounded the wife and the daughter”.

On June 27 “News Front” reported: “Militants once again violated seize-fire and attacked al-Shakhba and Al-Mogambo residential neighborhoods of Aleppo”.

On June 7, according to ITAR-TASS, during his Direct line, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, promised to assist a Ukranian translator with citizenship after she was transferred from Syrian Aleppo to Russian two years ago when she was injured in an insurgent attack.

According to MIA RF, 191 Syrians applied for refugee status in Russia in 2017. 0 (zero) people received the document. 688 people asked for temporary asylum given out for a period of up to 1 year, only 352 people were granted it.

As estimated by the “Civic Assistance” Committee, a total of 10 thousand Syrians are currently staying in Russia.


Photo – Aleppo, Syria

Translated by Elena Fedyushkina

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