Moscow City Court Judged Six Years a Just Punishment for Murder of Migrants

Conviction of the “Restrukt” member who assaulted persons of non-Slavic appearance left unchanged.

Moscow City Court Judged Six Years a Just Punishment for Murder of Migrants

A six years sentence on the infliction of a grave injury which resulted in the death of the victim, bodily assault, robbery was judged by the Moscow City Court to be a just punishment for these crimes. Mikhail Kushpel, a lawyer for the “Civic Assistance” Committee, appealed the ruling of the Babushkinskiy District Court imposed on Andrey Makarov, a member of the “Restrukt” band; the appeal was rejected.

The lawyer pointed out that the case was reviewed using a special procedure, the victims’ statements were not taken into consideration; he also complained that the papers were never returned to the prosecutor for him to remove all impediments noticed in the case but all these notes were found “unsustainable”.

Remember that in the autumn of last year Babushkinskiy District Court issued a ruling against the members of the “Narkofilyai” unit of the “Restrukt’ group. These young people claimed in court that lynching was their way of fighting drug trafficking. During those sessions they described how they did it, that is they searched for online advertisement about the sale of “spice” (smoking blends banned in Russia), negotiated with the sellers by supposedly about the purchase, arrived at the meeting place. Still, they withheld the fact that they mostly attacked people of non-Slavic appearance who had nothing to do with drugs. Judging by their words and behaviour in the courtroom, they were not bothered by the facts that the citizen of Azerbaijan died from their beatings and the citizen of Uzbekistan becoming disabled.

In total eight people have been injured during such severe gang attacks (at least, eight such cases are known to the investigators). No connection between these victims and drugs has been established. On the official website of “Restrukt” which is now blocked, it was written that the main goal of their activists was to obstruct processes “which lead to degradation of the Russian nation”. This is what these young people have been doing within other organizational units, including “Occupy Pedofilyay” (Occupy Pedophilia), “Narkofilyay” (Occupy Narcotics), “Alkofilyay” (Occupy Alcohol), “Vyselyay” (Occupy aliens).

Photo: “Restrukt” members in Babushkinskiy District Court. The photo was taken from the social page of the band leader Maksim Martsinkevich.

Translated by Elena Fedyushkina

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