Moscow Region Department of Education Asks to Enrol Children in Schools

The Moscow Region Department of Education asks the head of Noginsk Municipal District to assist Syrians in gaining access to educational institutions.

Moscow Region Department of Education Asks to Enrol Children in Schools

In particular, a letter sent by Marina Zakharova, the minister of the department, to the chairman of the Civic Assistance Committee Svetlana Gannushkina, states that two educational institutions which refused to enrol seven Syrian children, belong to the municipal educational organizations headed by the municipality of Noginsk district. That is why a letter should be addressed to that organization. This document also cites the Federal Law № 273 On Education which also states that pre-school and school education in Russia is generally accessible and free of charge.

Refugee children’s access to school is one of the priorities in the work of Civic Assistance staff. The organization has repeatedly drawn attention to the violation of migrants’ rights in this field.

Educational institutions principals are often guided by the misinterpretation of the Order No. 32 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation rather than by Article 43 of the Constitution and the Federal Law On Education. Order No. 32 On Approving the Procedure for Admission of Citizens for programmes  of general, basic general and general secondary education states that “parents (legal representatives) of children who are foreign citizens or stateless persons submit an additional document proving the kinship (or the legality of the representation of the rights of the child), and a document confirming the applicant’s right to stay in the Russian Federation.” Refugee children’s enrolling to schools is particularly challenging in the town of Noginsk near Moscow. While in neighboring areas this problem does not exist, for several years now dozens of Syrian refugees’ children have not been enrolled in schools.

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