‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

Nazi Maksim Martsinkevich and his crazy “Restrukt” (“Restruct”) have turned violence into a cult.

‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

On Tuesday, June 27th, Moscow’s Babushkinsky court started announcing its verdict to Maksim Martsinkevich, one of the most notorious propagandists of national socialism (found guilty). Known by the nickname of Tesak he managed to become an ill-fated social activist with ultra-right views.

His public speeches are so cynical and disgusting that we won’t even dare publish them here so as not to let such fascist ideology circulate.

It’s not Tesak’s first time in court. But this time he is not alone on the bench, his followers and associates are on trial as well. These are the people who were lured by Maksim into his so-called community associations. The story of one of the activists and, at the same time, victim of police misconduct Liza Simonova was already covered by “MK” in March (article under the name “Term against drugs”). However are the other band associates harmless? Members of the “Civic Assistance” Committee who represented Tesak’s victims gave their opinions on the matter. One of the Committee’s employees also prepared this article for “MK”.

‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

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There are ten of them. They haven’t seen each other for a few weeks since the last court proceeding. Five of them are on the bench, another five, hand-cuffed, are being brought in by guards into the cage in the court room. They are exchanging glances and giggling from time to time. Their grinning looks are often seen in teenage groups as if they are all bound by a secret no one else knows. Their smiles seem sinister, especially seen on the faces of people behind bars.

All these boys and girls are members of the “Narkofilyay” unit of the “Restrukt” band – an informal international social movement (was active in Ukraine as well). The group’s official website is blocked but it is knowт that the activists claimed to be chasing their main goal – to obstruct processes (both social and political) which “would lead to degradation of the Russian nation”. The “Restrukt” group had several units, including “Occupy Pedofilyay” (Occupy Pedophilia), “Alkofilyay” (Occupy Alcohol), “Narkofilyay” (Occupy Narcotics), “Vyselyay” (Occupy aliens).

As the units’ names imply, the “fight” against degradation was specific. And the means – quite similar. The band members found people on the internet, people who they suspected of pedophilia, or drug sale, for example, and “dealt” with them. Numerous videos on the Internet, raid discussions in social media (they called their acts “raids”) and pictures from public groups online explain how they “dealt” with such people. In one of the published videos Maksim Martsinkevich, the “Restrukt” leader, gives a “lecture on catching pedophiles” (“pedophiles” also included people of non-heterosexual orientation). Point 6 of the raid plan said “violence”.

‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

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Against drugs – for violence

The young people on the bench in the Babushkinsky court participated in the “fight against drugs” project, i.e. “Narkofilyay”. This “Rustrukt” unit is responsible for the death of an Azerbaijan national and for beating down to disability an Uzbekistan national. According to the prosecution, in total no less than 8 people were harmed by the “Narkofilyay” members.

Law enforcement turned their attention to this “Restrukt” unit in summer 2014 after they received an application from the cousin of the deceased Zaur Alyshev. The Azerbaijani’s relative said that the young people called Zaur and arranged a meeting with him under a plausible pretext. It’s not clear how they obtained his phone number (during the trial they said they had found it with an advertisement of drug sale). Four members of “Restrukt” met Alyshev on Snezhnaya street in Moscow and started torturing him. They hand-cuffed him, put him on his knees, made him “apologize” for the alleged selling of forbidden smoking blends (spices). They did it all on camera. After that these “volunteers” started beating Alyshev, banging on his head, back, arms and legs. All the shouting drew the attention of police, “Restrukt” members stopped torturing the victim, Zaur was taken to a police station for questioning.

When Alyshev left the station he saw the same young men waiting for him. They decided to finish what they had started. They continued abusing him, one of the group members seized Zaur and forcefully threw him onto the ground for the others to beat him with their feet and arms. Zaur Alyshev died from the injuries later in a hospital.

The Azerbaijani has a disabled mother whom he helped financially left back home and a son and a wife, Russian citizens, in Moscow. Proof of him dealing drugs was never found.

10 days after beating down Alyshev some “Restrukt” member committed another crime. The young people arrived at the “Sokol” subway station which was supposed to be the starting point for the planned “public control activity”. There were seven people at first, three of whom took part in torturing Alyshev. Later two people, including the raid organizer, went away leaving Andrey Makarov in charge.

Their choice fell on an Asian-looking man, it was Alexander Lee, an Uzbekistan national, Korean by origin, who had been working in Moscow as cook for an elite catering service for several years. Makarov shouted and ran at Lee. The others followed him. Alexander tried to flee, threw himself onto the Leningradskoe highway in front of the cars and then to the “Sokol” subway station. “Restrukt” members caught him and started beating him. They sprayed tear gas into his face, pushed him to the ground and started bashing him. One of the attackers had an extendable rod. They hit him on the lower back and legs. “Restrukt” band took his money and phone for last.

These days, three years later, Alexander continues treatment trying to walk again. He has gone through four procedures so far. “I remember very clearly a mob running at me shouting “catch, kill”, someone was shouting “I will cut you”. They jumped on my back after hitting my spine. I was lying on the ground paralyzed. My legs and right arm were not moving, I was covering my head with my left arm. I’ve never seen such violent people before. They were monsters” – Lee is recalling what happened.

Alexander Lee and Zaur Alyshev’s cousin are represented by attorney Mikhail Kushpel. Besides a fair punishment he is trying to get moral compensation to Lee’s and Alyshev’s families.

One of Alexander Lee’s attackers, Stanislav Kotlovsky, claims he didn’t realize what he was doing: “I was hitting his right thigh, I didn’t touch his back. Makarov was jumping on his back. It happened only because Makarov thought that this was the drug dealer’s guard that’s why he (Makarov – D.M.) chose to chase him, I had no intent to take money or hit. I didn’t join the movement for this. I didn’t realize what I was doing, I wasn’t of age. I was pressured into catching him, after that I didn’t understand what was happening”.

Kids with knuckles

“Restrukt” members felt free to put all the blame on Makarov – he got sentenced to 6 years in colony. His associate Kirill Filatov was also put away for 6 years. All the other attackers’ cases are still pending. Each attacker has a separate episode or episodes. Some people have criminal cases filed against them under article “Hooliganism”, others – under “Robbery”, “Robbery with Violence”, “Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury”.

The movement leader Tesak isn’t featured on the assault cases of Lee and Alyshev. It should be noted that after Alyshev’s death he said that his fellow members who attacked the Azerbaijan national were “degenerates”. Tesak himself is accused of robbery, hooliganism, willful destruction or damage of property and extremism. The latter is connected with a book Martsinkevich wrote called “Restrukt”. In this book, the movement’s code of some kind, he speaks about the three years he spent in prison where he got for “incitement of hatred or enmity” (Tesak was held criminally liable three times in total – in 2008, 2009 and 2014. All the three times – for “Incitement of Hatred or Enmity” as well as “Abuse of Human Dignity”). In 2014 the book was recognized as extremist.

Tesak has always been open about his racist views. For example, in a 2007 movie of a journalist Ross Kemp about Russian neo-Nazis Maksim Martsinkevich said: “We have various fights with … (censored – D.M.), they must be hunted, otherwise they would destroy the useful population, you kill one – another thousand won’t come, they will think first”.

‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

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The “Restrukt” leader obviously managed to “infect” a lot of people with this “ideology”. For example, one activist from the movement’s unit in Novosibirsk Roman Maksimov said that the group’s concept appealed to him, especially the “To each their own” notion on which the concept is based. “Jedem das Seine” is a writing on the entrance to one of the most horrific concentration camps in Germany – Buchenwald.

One of the attorneys believes that the trial of the “Occupy Narkofilyay” members was made possible because the activists posed a threat to spice market majors. At the same time he kept quiet about the fact that the “kids” used knives, metallic rods, knuckles, electric shockers and pepper spray when executing the Lynch law.

“I raised a patriot”

Both the accused and their parents and their teachers keep saying: “my son didn’t know that the “Restrukt” members used physical force”, “he blindly obeyed”, “I raised a patriot”. That might well be the case. But, unfortunately, the young “volunteers” paved their way to prison with good intentions. And the shifty and now well-experienced mentors had their part in that. They not only failed to explain that beating people (even if they are drug dealers) is illegal but also encouraged the young activists to commit crimes.

Only two of the ten young people plead guilty: Georgy Kepteni who joined only one “Restrukt” raid and whose mother tried to convince the court that her son had no idea what happened when the band went out into the city streets. The second one is Kotlovsky who beat up Lee. During the proceedings the prosecutor asked for 3,4 and 7 years in general regimen colonies respectively. The strictest punishment was requested for Martsinkevich – 11,6 years in a strict regimen colony. Alexander Shankin, whose social media status says “Successor to good old violent traditions” deserved 9 years, according to the prosecutor.

When this edition was approved for print the sentences pronouncement was still ongoing. It was already known that Martsinkevich was found guilty and Alexander Shankin’s case was singled out for a separate procedure upon the court’s order and returned to the prosecutor’s office for correction of violations in the indictment bill.

These sentences might teach some of the accused and already people of age a lesson (at the time of the assault some people were younger than 18). Their lawyers asked the court to consider how much good they did for the public. But under no circumstances can the society benefit from murder. Even if it was committed “in good faith”, as the defendants believe.

‘Catch and Kill’: Why Tesak’s Clique is Being Prosecuted

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“MK” note. Who is accused and of what.

Maksim Martsinkevich is accused of assault on Uzbekistan national, theft of personal belongings of those who were attacked during the “Restrukt” raids that included Martsinkevich, and of writing an extremist text.

UPDATE: Court sentenced neo-Nazi Tesak to 10 years in colony.

Liza Smirnova is incriminated with attacking a Chechnya national Atuev and Gavrilov who sold spice. Evidence for both cases was provided with major violations (“MK” previously reported on this). The case with Atuev is also incriminated to Mikhail Shalankevich.

Georgy Kepteni and Stanislav Kotlovsky are accused of robbery and intentional infliction of a grave injury to Alexander Lee.

Alexander Shankin is featured in assaults on Alyshev, Gavrilov, Atuev, Ligay, Dorofeev, Moskovaya.

Evdokim Knyazev is named in assault cases on Mukhtarov, Moskovaya, Ligay.

Vasily Lapshin is incriminated with robbery of Dorofeev.

Roman Maksimov is accused of robbery, hooliganism and damage of property of Ligay.

By Daria Manina, Civic Assistance Committee

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