The ‘Restrukt’ Сase Went to Prosecutor General

At the end of June Andrey Makarov, a member of ‘Occupy Narkofiliay’ accused of carrying out two attacks, has signed his acknowledgment of the case documents that went under the examination of the Prosecutor General. This means that in the near future the prosecutor will decide which court will continue to examine the ‘Restrukt’ case.

The ‘Restrukt’ Сase Went to Prosecutor General

On 26 June Andrey Makarov, the member of ‘Restrukt’ charged under Chapter 4 Article 111 of the criminal code (intentional inflection of grievous bodily harm with intent of death of the victim) and Chapter 4 Article 162 of the criminal code (robbery by a group of persons), signed that he understood the details of his case. The documents then went to the Prosecutor General’s Office. After reviewing the documents, the Prosecutor’s Office will forward them to one of the Moscow courts for examination. The case will be examined either by the Savelovsky or Butirisky regional courts. It has been ruled out that the case could return to the Babushkinsky regional court.

Remember – the verdict of Makarov should have been made in February 2016. However, judge Anton Martinenko of the Babushkinsky regional court ruled to return the case due to a lack of territorial jurisdiction. Later, for the same reasons, nine members of ‘Restrukt’ including the leader of the organization, Maxim Martsinkevich, were returned to the Prosecutor’s Office. Only Krill Filatov received a sentence – On 11 April the court found him guilty and sentenced him to six years of in a penal colony.

Andrey Makarov appealed the return of the case to the Moscow City Court, but the decision of the Babushkinsky court was upheld. ‘I can’t understand why they didn’t return the case immediately if we are talking about the territory of jurisdiction’, explained the lawyer Michael Kushpel of Civic Assistance Committee who is representing the interests of the claimant Alexander Lee. ‘In this case everything went as it should. These sessions ran in parallel, but after the Filatov verdict the Babushkinsky court lost interest in this case – perhaps because of this response.’

Alexander Lee, whom the members of ‘Occupy Narkofiliay’ attacked in July 2014, notes that his health has once more deteriorated. ‘I’m very worried about the hip joint and pretty much can’t stand on the injured leg. Now I am going to fly home, do an x-ray and get examined.’ As a result of the attack two years ago, Alexander has serious injuries: The doctor treating him recorded closed trauma of the lower spine, spinal cord injury and dysfunction of the pelvic organs.

Andrey Makarov and other members of ‘Restrukt’ are accused of two accounts of attacks on people of non-Slavic appearance. The first – beating Alexander Lee, the second – attacking Zaur Alyshev who has since died from his wounds in hospital.


By Elena Srapyan, Civic Assistance Committee

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