Committee Succeeded In Cancelling Deportation Of Three Syrians

On Friday morning, February 26, three Syrian refugees, who were due to be deported to Damascus from Vnukovo airport, were sent back to Makhachkala. We recall that they were brought to Moscow from Dagestan DCFN (Detention Center for Foreign Nationals) the previous night, on Februry 24.

On Friday morning, February 26, in Vnukovo airport bailiffs put on a flight to Makhachkala three Syrian nationals, Zakariya Barry Abdalmuema, Drubi Heisam and Uafan Saha Eddin.

On February 24, they were brought to Moscow from detention center (DCFN) of Federal Migration Service in the Republic of Dagestan. Bailiffs, accompanying Syrians, had to control their deportation to Damascus by connecting flight from Vnukovo airport.

“At the moment, Syrians have already been returned to Makhachkala. We will keep working on providing them with asylum status in Russia, ” head of Civic Assistance Committee Svetlana Gannushkina said.

Civic Assistance Committe thanks for the help the Chairman of Presidential Human Rights Council Mikhail Fedotov, and the staff of UNHCR’s Moscow office, who did everything possible to prevent the deportation of the Syrians.

We recall that all three Syrian nationals seek asylum in Russia. They came from Aleppo. Following the complaint of one of them, Zakariya Barry Abdalmuema, European Court of Human Rights applied Rule 39 of the Rules of Court to preventively prohibit deportation. Other two Syrians received an official denial of temporary asylum the same day.

A lawyer of Migration and Law network of Memorial Human Rights Center Shamil Magomedov, with great difficulty getting the information of what was going on, tried to stop the expulsion. Civic Assistance Committee applied several times to the front office of Russian Federal Migration Service, concerning these Syrians. The head of the Committee Svetlana Gannushkina  also talked to the Chairman of Presidential Human Rights Council Milhail Fedotov, who actively engaged in the case.

Previously, UNHCR wrote to FMS several times, asking not to expel the Syrians, because it was unacceptable. UNHCR administration repeatedly notified Moscow migration service, that it intends to prevent the deportation of refugees. UNHCR staff has stressed that they were ready to conduct an interview with the Syrians, necessary for their resettlement in another country.

European Court of Human Rights has already punished Russia for the decision to expel Syrians. The deportation of refugees to Syria in the face of  military conflict and danger to life would be an unprecedented breach of international law on the part of the Russian Federation.

By Elena Srapyan, Civic Assistance Committee