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We buy food, pay for medicine and medical check-ups for those who are in need, do not have money for treatment and do not obtain compulsory medical insurance in Russia. We also help to pay state fees for asylum seekers in the Russian Federation. In special cases, we even pay the rent.
All donations, no matter the size, are sincerely appreciated and of great assistance.Donate now to help us build a better world for everyone. We can’t do this work without your support.

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Leader’s word. We are sure that properly organized migration benefits the whole society.

Good job! Together with you
we have raised 106.500 rubles

This money was used for treatment of the woman who had been beaten by a Magnit employee.

You can help not only with money

We are always looking forward to new volunteers and are happy to take food, medications, hygiene products, shoes, socks and underwear.

Being a volunteer of the “Civic Assistance” Committee is a non-trivial occupation that requires a lot of courage. Our volunteers support those who get the least assistance.

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Help with things
Our wards come to Russia, as a rule, running away from war, famine or other troubles, they have almost nothing with them.
Things, products, school supplies are always needed, at any time of the year.

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Как получить налоговый вычет по расходам на пожертвование?

Отправьте письмо с темой «Налоговый вычет» на почту

В письме обязательно укажите, каким способом сделали пожертвование: платежом банковской картой на сайте «Гражданского содействия», переводом по реквизитам или другим способом. Напишите почту, которую вы указали при осуществлении перевода, период, за который планируете получить вычет, вашу фамилию, имя и отчество. 

В ответ придет письмо на бланке «Гражданское содействие» с подтверждением, что мы получили пожертвование.