Who is Denied Access to Kindergartens and Why?

A few months ago, Civic Assistance Committee began receiving applicants having problems with access to Moscow kindergartens. In a short time, ten families appealed to us regarding sixteen children despite the fact that few people even among our permanent applicants are aware that we have started to offer consultations on the issue.

We had been thinking a lot before we started to deal with the problem. It seemed hopeless, and first steps showed our fears were not groundless. Moscow Department of Education has built an entire system to deny access to preschool education for children without  registration at the place of residence in Moscow (also known as permanent registration).

Our first attempts have been confronted with formal replies, denials and ignoring the problem by officials. So far, we have made it possible only for children of one family to attend kindergarten. We have initiated court proceedings for another three families and we are waiting for response to our appeals, and the rest refused to try, not willing to start legal proceedings. Above is a brief description of the current situation in Moscow.

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