Chechens in Russia

Criminal prosecution of the Chechen Republic residents.The situation of women in the Chechen Republic. Property problems in Chechnya.

It’s been more than ten years since peace and prosperity were announced in the Chechen Republic. News shows of all countries abound with pictures of restored avenues of Grozny, recently opened Argun-city, the biggest and the most beautiful mosque in Europe, exuberant and luxurious festivities. European countries have started deporting Chechens to Russia, and those newly arrived are denied asylum. But somehow a rumor spread over Chechnya that Germany had decided to accept 40 thousand Chechens and each family would be given a small allotment and a bit of money to build a house. And so naive people, who have easily believed an evident invention for some reason, sell all their belongings, collect money for a carrier, hire a bus, and whole streets rush to Germany. Thousands of Chechens leave behind all the beauties of the republic built anew, their homes and their land loved as strongly as only Chechens can love trading it all for uncertainty, for doubtful hopes to reach the promised land.

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