Becoming a Civic Assistance Committee Ambassador

The Committee Ambassador is a person who shares our values. If you believe that everyone has the right to a decent life, and you want to change the attitude of the state and society towards refugees and migrants, we will be happy to see you amongst our supporters.

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You will be an essential part of the Civic Assistance Committee team by joining the work in any of the following areas:


Where to begin? Tell people about the problem!

Many people do not even know that there are refugees in Russia, much less understand the powerless situation of foreigners seeking asylum in our country. It is hard to protect the rights of people you cannot even imagine. Thus, it is crucial to tell your family, friends and acquaintances about the refugees and migrants in Russia.

You can do this in one click – please share our posts in your social network accounts.

We regularly post stories of refugees and migrants, publish analytics and up-to-date statistics on the issue.

It is even better if you tell your friends about the Committee’s work in detail on your page: what we do and why it is essential.


For the Committee, it is important to not only help refugees and migrants, but also to create a community of like-minded people who share common beliefs and values. It is a lot easier to make a change when there is support. As such, we hold various events (festivals, open discussions, cinema shows, parties) for our supporters and everyone interested in understanding the issue of migration. Such events serve as a perfect opportunity to meet people who share the same values and as a platform to exchange opinions and ideas.

Follow the event announcements in our social networks, and do invite your friends!

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Gathering things at your university or work

Here everything is simple: find a place where everyone can bring things, and create an ad about the campaign. This way you will not only gather clothes and shoes for refugee families but also be able to talk about the work of the Committee and attract new supporters. You can read about what the Committee needs here.

For instance, one of our volunteers successfully campaigned in our support in her university.

Organize special, thematic events

A roundtable, an interactive lecture, an open discussion, an exhibition, a music concert and even a poetry evening on the issue of migration – we support any format and assist with the organization.

For instance, the African Club at MGIMO University held a meeting for its students and professors with the Committee’s staff and our refugee charges.

«Polzuyas Sluchaem” – a fundraising website to help people in need

This is another great way to support us and our migrants – to organize a fundraiser in the name of the Committee taking the opportunity of your birthday or another important occasion. You need to go the and create an event (birthdays, weddings and even the victory of the Russian national team in football can serve as a reason to a campaign), start fundraising and ask your friends to make a contribution to the Committee.

Here you can see how our ally, Olga Lukinskaya, organized a fundraising event for her birthday. Olga and her friends made a charitable donation of 42 thousand rubles to the Committee.

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