“World Refugee Day: how you can help”: photos from the event

On the eve of World Refugee Day, employees and volunteers of the “Civic Assistance” Committee participated in an event organized by “Takie dela” media on June 18th. This event was organized by the media in the support of the Committee. More than a hundred guests gathered in the inclusive cultural center “Tverskaya 15” to listen to the discussion, visit a photo exhibition about the Committee applicants and bring humanitarian aid for refugees as well. 

The coffee was provided by the Committee friends’ Moscow coffee house “Cooperative Black” and children’s books and comics were sold by the publishing house “Samokat”. Both of these organizations donated half of their proceeds to the Committee. 

The Refugee Day was opened by NGO (non-governmental organizations) employees. They talked  about their experience in organizing work with refugees during these recent months and difficulties they had to overcome. The speakers of the panel were Lera Pavlova, a consultant on migration issues of the Committee, Daria Alekseeva, the director of the Second Wind Foundation, Irina Khodyreva, a representative of the volunteer movement, and Irina Shcherbakova from the Help project.

After that Chairman of the Committee, Svetlana Gannushkina, answered the questions from the journalist Fyokla Tolstaya and the audience. Questions were sent in advance by volunteers and our subscribers via social media. More than 100 guests of the event listened to the Q&A session. 

“Some officials say: “A person can already receive benefits at the time of applying for refugee status with our help” It’s true, but this is a one time aid and it’s a hundred rubles (around $2). The road to the migration office for the necessary paperwork will cost more than that,” said Svetlana Gannushkina.

Decolonial researcher Artem Slyota spoke on modern migration and the colonial past and it entailed heated discussion among the guests. The day ended with a verbatim performance that was inspired by the real stories of refugees who turned to the Committee for help.

If you want to support the Committee, you can follow the link down below and make a donation: 


Photos by: Ksenia Belolutskaya / “Civic Assistance” Committee

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