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Moscow City Court Сhanged its Mind and Ordered to Turn Uzbekistan Citizen into Republic’s Intelligence Agencies

The ruling says that the probability of Rakhimov being cruelly treated does not mean
that he will be tortured.


Access to education

“Our child is not admitted to school”, – refugees and […]


Feudal Moscow

The Department of Education won’t accept tens of thousands of children who do not have permanent registration in Moscow to kindergartens based on long-outdated rules with no legal status.


Ministry of Education of Moscow Oblast Ignores Article 43 of Russian Constitution

The authority has sent a letter to the attention of “Ganushkina” (misspelled with just one “N”) claiming that only those who have a permission to stay in Russia are to be admitted to schools.


School Principals, Don’t Be Afraid to Teach Children!

School principals from different regions who talked to Civic Assistance complained about being pressured by migration services when it came to admittance or study continuation for children with unsettled migration statuses or no registration (either registration at the place of stay or residence).


Russia Ignores ECHR: Tajik Refugee Abducted

Hurshedin Fazilov was working as a butcher in the shop by the historical mosque on Novokuznetskaya when he suddenly became a refugee. Tajikistan accused him of recruiting fellow Tajiks and sending them to Turkey. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) defended Fazilov from deportation, but it didn’t help: bypassing all the legal procedures and in violation of international law, on the 15 June he was forcibly extracted from Russia.


Yes Is For Da

In March Civic Assistance Committee opened Russian language courses for Syrian refugee children and adults in the town of Noginsk located near Moscow. Refugees are taught Russian and a litlle of Arabic and English. We visited Noginsk and talked to courses’ teachers.

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