Do You Want Your Child To Go To school? Welcome To Court!

Despite the decision of the Supreme Court dated August 27, 2015 which explained Decree # 32 of the Ministry of Education and Science “On Statement of Admission for Studying on Educational Programs of Primary General, Basic General and Secondary Education”, schools keep denying foreign children admission citing this very decree.

New Slavery Victims in Golyanovo

On December 5th Nesibeli Ibragimova, citizen of Kazakhstan, escaped from the grocery shop that belongs to Zhansulu Istanbekova. Late in December Nesibeli turned to the Civic Assistance Committee for help. Back in May she was invited to Moscow to work, during the first meeting the shop owner took Nesibeli’s documents. She was held captive in the shop and constantly beaten for 8 months.

School Principals, Don’t Be Afraid to Teach Children!

School principals from different regions who talked to Civic Assistance complained about being pressured by migration services when it came to admittance or study continuation for children with unsettled migration statuses or no registration (either registration at the place of stay or residence).

Ingushetia: “Most Serious Cases Linked With Terrorism Suspects”

In connection with Ildar Dadin’s situation people have once again begun to speak about torture in prisons and other violations of prisoner’s rights. We are involved with this conversation in connection with the project “Protecting the Rights of Residents of the North Caucasus in Places of Imprisonment.” We will begin a small cycle of publications about the situation in various regions of Russia. First up we are publishing the work of Ahmed Barakhoyev – a project coordinator in Ingushetia.

“Golyanovo Slaves” Case Reached Strasbourg

On November 25, 2016 lawyers of the MEMORIAL/EHRAC joint project together with an expert from the Civic Assistance Committee filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in regards with the case of “Golyanovo slaves”.

Svetlana Gannushkina Receives Right Livelihood Award

On 25 November 2016 the ceremony of the Right Livelihood Award, also known as “Alternative Nobel Prize”, was held in Stockholm. Other winners of 2016 are Syrian volunteers White Helmets, Egyptian women’s organization Nazra and Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet. We publish Svetlana Gannushkina acceptance speech video and transcript.

Court Awards Million to Migrant Workers

Illarion Vasilev, a lawyer from the group ‘Migration and Law Memorial’ succeeded in suing SK Invest Stroy for more than a million roubles in outstanding payments on behalf of workers from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Premiere: Five Stories of Real Refugees in ‘Day Shall Declare’ Special Project

Trafficking victim from Kinshasa, a witness of a murder of dozens innocent people from Brazzaville, a girl, who broke with Yemen traditions and other refugees took part in a new multimedia Civic Assistance Committee special project. According to UNHCR, in 2015 more than 65 million refugees in the world were forced to leave their homes due to armed conflicts. We talked with those who fled to Russia: what made them leave and what is their new life here like.

Refugee from the Congo: ‘I’ve Come from Death’

Alen and Clair Esube Tabve, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, came to us in January this year – it was absolutely freezing and their two small children were with them with no place and no means by which to live. Unfortunately since then almost nothing has changed – Although we helped them start the procedure to receive refugee status, the whole family is in desperate need. We decided to share their story and to ask for help.