Volunteers, interns, trainees, we appreciate each of you!

Every day volunteers make a significant contribution to work of the Civic Assistance Committee: they help with translation and compilation of papers and profiles, research information about the countries and cultures, monitor the activities of government agencies and accompany our applicants to medical institutions.

Each volunteer finds work that is the most interesting and suitable to him or her.

Each year the Committee welcomes young volunteers from Germany, USA, Canada, France and of course from Russia. An exciting company of people with an active life outlook, desire to
help, learn and explore the world – this is the team of volunteers of the Committee.


Volunteers are the driving force behind the Center for adaptation of the refugee children. Individual lessons of volunteering teachers with children of migrants in Russian and English languages ​​and mathematics, organization of parties, tours and excursions – all this happens in the atmosphere of kindness and creativity.

If you want to help refugees, migrants and their families, if you want to be a part of a good and friendly team, we will always be happy to see you in the Civic Assistance Committee!