‘You must fight for ISIS’

The young Syrian Odey al Shufi and his 19 year-old wife, Russian citizen Nadezhda Yepifanova, live in Saint Petersburg – she is studying on the second course at LSU and he is a trainee with friends at a cafe. Or rather, he was a trainee: On the holiday evening of the 7 March 2016 a stranger came to the cafe and stabbed Odey more than ten times with a knife.

Yes Is For Da

In March Civic Assistance Committee opened Russian language courses for Syrian refugee children and adults in the town of Noginsk located near Moscow. Refugees are taught Russian and a litlle of Arabic and English. We visited Noginsk and talked to courses’ teachers.

‘All Is Quiet In Aleppo’

Hundreds of Syrians across Russia face this kind of statements, getting denial of temporary asylum in territorial bodies of Federal Migration Service. A lawyer of Human Rights Center Memorial Maivand Abdul Gani and his applicant, Shava Mohamed, a Syrian from Aleppo, were able to achieve justice: courts of both levels acknowledged that the war in Syria continues and the return of refugees is unwarranted.

Syrian Children Enrolled In Noginsk Schools

Human rights activists’ efforts have been finally crowned with success; Syrian children are being admitted to schools of Noginsk (town in the Moscow region). Thus, on November 25, little Fatema has been enrolled in the second grade of school №17. And on Monday, December 7, two other children have been admitted to school №9. However, difficulties are not over yet. In particular, the Department of Education of Noginsk continues to impede children’s school enrollment.

Following The Path Of Refugees

The Chairman of Civic Assistance Committee Svetlana Gannushkina has followed a north route of refugees, to the border with Norway. And she came back with a story about bicycles, Norway’s migration novelties and why even those, who can stay in Russia, leave our country.

Russia Expels Syrian Citizen, Who Has Russian Family

The expulsion of Syrian Kuro Sabri is being prepared in Dagestan. He had been staying in a local SIDFC (Special Institution for Detention of Foreign Citizens) for the last seven months. If it happens, his 20-year-old wife and little daughter will be left alone in Makhachkala. But this fact didn’t bother neither courts, nor the Federal Migration Service staff, who had refused asulym to Kuro Sabri.

ECHtR Found a Violation of Human Rights in the Case of Syrian Citizens Against Russian Federation

Three plaintiffs were held in the accomodation center for migrants in the town of Maloyaroslavets after local court had found them guilty of violating immigration laws. The European Court of Human Rights established that Russia must secure the release of the plaintiffs and make payments to them. The case was worked on by Natalya Golovanchuk, the lawyer of the Bar Association “Philippov & Partners”, who cooperates with “Migration and Law” Network of Memorial Human Rights Center.