Counselling office

Working hours Monday, Wednesday : 10.00-20.00, Friday: 10.00-17.00.
Hotline: (968) 918-98-65
Adminisrator: (495) 681-05-27
Migration counselling office: (495) 681-18-23
Information service: (916) 700-03-92
Translator from Arabic: (916) 363-70-23
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Counselling office visited
2276 people

Counselling provided for
3369 people

Medical сounselling provided for
to 2605 people

Allowances given
to 261 families for
4.543.638 RUR

Clothes get
902 families

Free studied Russian language
27 refugees

Activities of Children’s Center attended
more than 85 children

New Project: Integration Kindergarten SAVA


Our colleagues from the Children’s Center are launching a new project: the integration kindergarten SAVA. The project is lead by Ekaterina Kokorina, who for many years was the director of the Center for Adaptation and Training of refugee children and since then has been constantly engaged in assisting children of migrants and refugees. You can support the project on website.  [»]

Russia Ignores ECHR: Tajik Refugee Abducted


Hurshedin Fazilov was working as a butcher in the shop by the historical mosque on Novokuznetskaya when he suddenly became a refugee. Tajikistan accused him of recruiting fellow Tajiks and sending them to Turkey. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) defended Fazilov from deportation, but it didn’t help: bypassing all the legal procedures and in violation of international law, on the 15 June he was forcibly extracted from Russia.  [»]

Access to Education


Following today’s press conference in Sakharov Center, where we talked about our struggle for access to education, we publish some basic theses on the subject. It was prepared by Civic Assistance Committee employee Konstantin Troitsky who reviews this issue.  [»]

‘I Have a Feeling that Soon I Will Die’ Alexander Lee Needs Help


Whist the case of ‘Restrukt’ is passed from one department to the other, Alexander Lee, victim of the attack by neo-Nazis is suffering. He again needs help: a severe fracture of the femur complicated by necrosis and constant, uncontrollable pain has added to the immediate necessity for an operation. Sasha’s condition is critical. As a result, we are turning to you and we ask you to make a donation to support him. [»]

Civic Assistance Committee

The first public charity organization helping refugees and forced migrants.

We provide humanitarian aid; assist in acquiring social support and protecting human rights.

We help to the most vulnerable »

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